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Bepanah Cast Real Name, Real Life, Age, Crew Members, Timing, Story Plot, Pics, Images and All

Bepanah Cast Real Name :- 

Bepannah is an Indian Thriller Romance, Mystery television series based on Love, Betrayal, and Clinching. Bepanah Cast Real Name stars are Harshad Chopda, Jennifer Winget, Namita Dubey, Rajesh Khattar, Parineeta Borthakur, Vaishnavi Dhanraj, Aaryaa Sharma, Aanchal Goswami , Shehzad Sheikh, Iqbal Azad, Shehzad Sheikh, Sehban Azim, Nitesh Prasher, Apurva Agnihotri, Yash Bhatia, Mallika Nayak, Shweta Gautam, Farah Lakhani, Palak Jain, Etc.. It was started from 19th March 2018 on famous television channel Colors TV. Earlier this show was named as ‘Adhura Alvida’, but later on before its release renamed as Bepannah. Bepanah Cast Real Name Stars are emitting their top notch efforts for making serial success. Bepannah is created by Prem Krishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta. It is produced by Prem Krishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta and Dheeraj Kumar under their production house Cinevistaas Limited.  Bepannah running time is around 22 minutes approximately.

Bepanah Cast Real Name List

Bepanah Cast Real Name Actors List Show Story Plot:-

Bepannah serial is the story of Zoya Siddiqui and Aditya Hooda, two betrayed person by their husband and wife. Zoya Siddiqui’s husband name is Yash and Aditya Hooda’s wife name is Pooja. On the certain road accident Pooja and Yash found dead and reality came in light that they were having affair. Later on Zoya take over Yash Company Zosh and Aditya become her partner after know that Pooja invested his money in Zoya’ Company. On the next part Inspector Rajvir comes in the role, he willingly wants Zoya and Adiya behind the Jail and he got the success. But Aditya’ father take them out of the jail.

Aditya Hooda also has a misconception that Pooja had pregnant with Yash Child. After Pooja death, her mother reveals the truth that she has been pregnant with Aditya’s child and he also read Pooja’s diary. After that he breakdown and forgive Yash and Pooja for their Affair and move on to the Paris. On the other side Zoya is attracted to Aditya. Will Aditya Come back to India? Will they fall in love with each other or there is more betrayal, mystery is left? For that do watch Bepannah on Colors TV.  All Bepanah Cast Real Name Stars are waiting to draw your attention.

Bepanah Cast Real Name Actors Role Play:-

a. Jennifer Winget impersonates Zoya Siddiqui.

b. Harshad Chopda impersonates Aditya Hooda.

c. Rajesh Khattar impersonates Harshvardhan Hooda – Father of Aditya and Arjun.

d. Parineeta Borthakur impersonates Anjana Hooda – Mother of Aditya & Arjun.

e. Vaishnavi Dhanraj impersonates Mahi Arora – Younger sister of Yash.

f. Iqbal Azad impersonates Waseem Siddiqui – Father of Zoya and Noor.

g. Shweta Gautam impersonates Madhu Arora – Mother of Yash and Mahi.

h. Aanchal Goswami impersonates Noor Siddiqui – Younger sister of Zoya.

i. Aaryaa Sharma impersonates Roshana Siddiqui – Mother of Zoya and Noor.

j. Mallika Nayak impersonates Sakshi Mathur, Mother of Pooja.

k. Palak Jain impersonates Akanksha.

l. Apurva Agnihotri impersonates CBI Officer Rajveer Khanna.

m. Nitesh Prasher impersonates Vinod.

n. Yash Bhatia impersonates Shaun.

o. Farah Lakhani impersonates Mona.

p. Sehban Azim impersonates Yash Arora

q. Namita Dubey impersonates Pooja Hooda

r. Shehzad Sheikh impersonates Arjun Hooda – Younger Brother of Aditya.

Bepanah Cast Real Name Show/Serial Additional Information:-

  • Serial Name: – Bepannah
  • Genre: – Thriller Romance, Drama
  • Telecast Time: – 9:00 PM
  • Start Date: – 19th March 2018
  • Telecast Channel: – Colors TV
  • Telecast Days: – Monday to Friday
  • Online Publisher: – Voot.Com
  • Production Company: – Cinevistaas Limited

Bepanah Cast Real Name Age:-

1. Jennifer Winget: – 33 Years as on 2018 (Born on 30th May 1985)

2. Harshad Chopda: – 35 Years as on 2018 (Born on 17th May 1983)

3. Rajesh Khattar: – 51 Years as on 2018 (Born on 24th September 1966)

4. Sehban Azim: – 32 Years as on 2018 (Born on 26th February 1986)

5. Parineeta Borthakur: – 33 Years as on 2018 (Born on 21st February 1985)

6. Shehzad Sheikh: – 30 Years as on 2018 (Born on 17th May 1988)

Bepanah Star Cast Real Name List :-

Bepanah Cast
Real Name
Jennifer Winget Bio

Jennifer Winget
Harshad Chopda
Harshad Chopda
Rajesh Khattar
Rajesh Khattar
Parineeta Borthakur
Iqbal Azad
Iqbal Azad
Vaishnavi Dhanraj
Aanchal Goswami
Shweta Gautam
Mallika Nayak
Mallika Nayak
Aaryaa Sharma
Aaryaa Sharma
Sehban Azim
Sehban Azim
Namita Dubey
Namita Dubey
Shehzad Sheikh
Shehzad Sheikh
Farah Lakhani
Farah Lakhani
Yash Bhatia
Yash Bhatia
Nitesh Prasher
Nitesh Prasher
Palak Jain
Palak Jain
Apurva Agnihotri
Crew Members:-
Producers -
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar
Sunil Mehta
Sunil Mehta
Prem Krishen Malhotra
Prem Krishen

Bepanah Cast Real Name Pics, Images:-   

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