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Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7

Savdhaan India – India Fight Back was officially broadcasted first episode on Life Ok Channel on 23rd April 2012. Show is created to showcase the dramatic version of crime that happened in India. The main motto behind its making is to spread awareness in the society about crimes. Show also has prime motto to showcase the ugly face of crime to people. Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7 mainly includes actors like Kirtida Mistry, Ria Roy, Monisha Doley, Yashu Gupta, Akansha Sareen, Simran Sachdeva, Raj Jodhan, Neha Chowdhury, Khushi Malhotra, Ashish Parekh, Darshan Dave, Garima Arora and many more. Show is currently host by Sushant Singh and was formerly hosted by Mohnish Behl, Shavani Tomar, Hiten Tejwani, Siddharth Shukla, Divya Dutta, Saurabh Raj Jain, Pooja Gaur, Gaurav Chopra and Partyusha Banerjee. Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7 Stars are mostly Freelancing Actors.

Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7

Initially, Savdhaan India – India Fight Back was officially broadcasted first episode as Crime Alert on Life Ok channel. Show is created by legendary TV show producer Ekta Kapoor, Ajit Thakur, Bani Dhillon, Anshuman Sinha. It is directed by Govind Agrawal, Prasad Gavandi, and Vicky Chauhan. It is written by Gibran Noorani, Priyanka Ghatak, Sagar Ambre, Kaushal Dhankar, Amjad Khan and Abhay Tiwari. Some of the Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 6 actors were also worked with India’s another Crime Show Crime Patrol. Under the collaboration of Balaji Telefilms and INA Media Savdhaan India is successfully completed its 7 seasons and over 2350 episodes on February 2018 with around 45 Minutes of running time.

Nowadays Savdhaan India – India Fights Back is getting aired on Life OK’s new replacement channel Star Bharat owned by Star India. According to the news buzz Amitabh Bachchan was also host one episode of it as a special guest. Savdhaan India’s Cinematography done by Indranil Sinha, Naren Gedia, Shakti B. Khan and Sanjeev Malhotra. Its first episode was aired on 23rd April 2012. Show was also won ITA Award for most Thriller and Horror television show.

So here we are presenting Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7.

Savdhaan India Star Cast Name List 7:-

Savdhaan India
Star Cast 7
Savdhaan India Actress Kirtida Mistry

Kirtida Mistry
Savdhaan India Actress Ria Roy
Ria Roy
Savdhaan India Actress Monisha Doley
Monisha Doley
Savdhaan India Actress Yashu Gupta
Yashu Gupta
Savdhaan India Actress Akansha Sareen
Akansha Sareen
Savdhaan India Actress Garima Arora
Garima Arora
Savdhaan India Actress Simran Sachdeva
Simran Sachdeva
Savdhaan India Actress Neha Chowdhury
Neha Chowdhury
Savdhaan India Actress Darshan Dave
Darshan Dave
Savdhaan India Actress Ashish Parekh
Ashish Parekh
Savdhaan India Actor Raj Jodhan
Raj Jodhan
Savdhaan India Actress Khushi Malhotra
Khushi Malhotra

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