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Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name, Zee Anmol Serial, Story Plot, Crew, Wiki, Genre, Timing, Images, Real Life and More

Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name, Zee Anmol Serial: –

It is an Indian Daily Soap Romance, Drama and Revenge television series. Pati Parmeshwar show is created by Jay Mehta and Kinnari Mehta. Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name list stars are Krip Suri, Yesha Rughani, Shoaib Ibrahim, Roopa Divatia, Sakshi Sharma, Nisha Pareek, Vikas Grover, Vineet Kumar Chaudhary, Manorama Bhattishyam, Sapna Thakur, Ashish Kadian, Sheetal Maulik, Komal Sharma, Mahira Khurrana, Sahil Uppal, Divya Bhatnagar and More. The serial started from 3rd October 2018 on Free Dish Popular Channel Zee Anmol at 6:00 PM. It is produced by Jay Mehta under his production house Jay Production. All the Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name Actors did fantastic job for making it best. Pati Parmeshwar Characters Real Names are Adhiraj Rajawat, Devi Adhiraj Rajawat, Varun Babbar, Heera Rajawat, Dhaani Mukund Rajawat, Kesar Mukund Rajawat, Daksh Shergill, Mukund Rajawat, Urmi Rajawat, Etc.

Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name, Real Life, Zee Anmol Serial, Crew, Wiki    

Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name Serial Story Plot: –                                       

Shows story is the story of Rich, Angry and Egoistic boy Adhiraj and well educated, simplistic Devi. Devi and Adhiraj belong to two rival families. Devi’s father and mother were died due to certain incidence and she is raised by her Uncle and Aunt. They send her away from them and village only due to their family rivalry. One day Devi plans to give them surprise visit. While returning she met Adhiraj. She slapped Adhiraj for his misbehave. Due to this Adhiraj take this on his Ego and he forcefully marries her. Later on he reveals that all this he done for taking revenge. So Pati Parmeshwar is the struggle story of Devi, that how she turn Devil to Humanitarian. For get in touch with Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name Stars and Show, Please Watch it on Zee Anmol and Zee5.

Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name Shows Important Details: –

1. Name: – ‘Pati Parmeshwar’

2. Producers: – Jay Mehta, Kinnari Mehta

3. Telecast Channel: – Zee Anmol

4. Timing: – 6:00 PM

5. Telecast Day: – Monday – Sunday

6. Production: – Jay Production

7. Date of Start: – 3rd October 2018

8. Online Publisher: – Zee5

So here we are presenting the List of Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name.

Pati Parmeshwar Serial Cast Real Name With Photos and Crew Members, Wiki, Photos, Pics, Images : –

Pati Parmeshwar
Cast & Crew
Krip Suri Biodata

Krip Suri as
Adhiraj Rajawat
Yesha Rughani Biodata
Yesha Rughani as
Devi Adhiraj
Shoaib Ibrahim Biodata
Shoaib Ibrahim as
Varun Babbar
Sakshi Sharma Biodata
Sakshi Sharma
Roopa Divatia Biodata
Roopa Divatia
Nisha Pareek Biodata
Nisha Pareek
Vikas Grover Biodata
Vikas Grover
Vineet Kumar Chaudhary Biodata
Vineet Kumar
Sapna Thakur Biodata
Sapna Thakur
Ashish Kadian Biodata
Ashish Kadian
Sheetal Maulik Biodata
Sheetal Maulik
Komal Sharma Biodata
Komal Sharma
Mahira Khurrana Biodata
Sahil Uppal Biodata
Sahil Uppal
Divya Bhatnagar
Divya Bhatnagar
Shrruti Gholap Biodata
Shrruti Gholap
Manorama Bhattishyam Biodata
Suhasi Dhami Biography
Suhasi Dhami
Crew: -
Producers: -Jay Mehta Biodata
Jay Mehta
Kinnari Mehta Biodata
Kinnari Mehta

Pati Parmeshwar Actress Names, Real Lifestyle


Pati Parmeshwar Serial Female Villain or Vamp


Pati Parmeshwar Cast Name List, Zee Anmol Serial


Pati Parmeshwar Cast Name List, Zee Anmol Serial

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