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Divya Drishti Star Cast Real Name, Star Plus Serial, Crew Member, Story Plot, Wiki, Timing, Start Date, Pictures, Genre, Images and More

Divya Drishti Star Cast Real Name, Wiki, Timing, Start, Genre, and Crew: –

Divya Drishti is an Indian thriller, suspense, Supernatural, drama television show. It is created by B. P. Singh. Its story is written by Rekha Modi and Janki V. Divya Drishti star cast real name list actor are actors are Sana Sayyad, Nyra Banerjee, Adhvik Mahajan, Sangita Ghosh, Karan Khanna, Ankit Narang, Mansi Srivastava, Shrashti Maheshwari, Vaishnavi Mahant, Ridheema Tiwari, Paaras Madaan, Eva Ahuja and More. The series was started from 23 February 2019 on Star Plus channel at 7:00 p.m. every Saturday Sunday. It is produced by B. P. Singh and Mukta Dhond under their production Fireworks Production. Production location of the show is in Mumbai. It’s is running time is 44 minutes approximately. The show is also available on online web platform Hotstar.

Divya Drishti Star Cast Real Name, Star Plus Serial, Crew Member, Story Plot, Wiki, Timing, Start Date, Pictures, Genre, Images

Story Plot: –

The baseline of the show is Divya and Drishti. They are two sisters separated at child age. Both the sister has blessed with supernatural power. Drishti has the power to change the future and Divya has the power to see the future. Their parents Sarthak and Vidya died in Witch attack on a girl and they were trying to save her. The sisters were adopted by two different families. The series moved and shows 20 year later. Both the sisters are grown up and trying to find each other. Later, Drishti get the job as assistant of Businessman Rakshit Shergill. On their wedding day, Divya and Drashti feel their presence and identify each other after marriage.

Divya married to Shikhar and Drashti married to Rakshit. The sister reunites to find killers of their parents and put them to their deserving places. All the other, Divya Drishti star cast name list characters are very well plotted.

Divya Drishti Lead Star Cast Behind the Scene Fun, Sana Sayyad, Karan Khanna, Adhvik Mahajan

Additional Information of Divya Drishti Star Cast Name: –

Show Name: – Divya Drishti

Timing: – 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Days: – Monday to Friday

Production: – Fireworks Production

Producer: – B. P. Singh, Mukta Dhond

Channel: – Star Plus TV

Online: – Hotstar

So here we are presenting Divya Drishti serial cast name.

Divya Drishti Star Cast Name List, Crew Members, Pictures and Images: –

Divya Drishti Star
Cast Name
Sana Sayyad Bio Data
Sana Sayyad
Nyra Banerjee Bio Data
Nyra Banerjee
Sangita Ghosh Bio Data
Sangita Ghosh
Adhvik Mahajan Bio Data
Adhvik Mahajan
Karan Khanna Bio Data
Karan Khanna
Mansi Srivastava Bio Data
Mansi Srivastava
Vaishnavi Mahant Bio Data
Vaishnavi Mahant
Shrashti Maheshwari Bio Data
Amika Shail Bio Data
Amika Shail
Prakriti Nautiyal Bio Data
Prakriti Nautiyal
Ridheema Tiwari Bio Data
Ridheema Tiwari
Parul Chaudhry Bio Data
Parul Chaudhry
Imran Khan Bio Data
Imran Khan
Kushagre Dua Bio Data
Kushagre Dua
Paaras Madaan Bio Data
Paaras Madaan
Priyank Tatariya Bio Data
Priyank Tatariya
Eva Ahuja Bio Data
Eva Ahuja
Ritu Vashisht Bio Data
Ritu Vashisht
Hetal Puniwala Bio Data
Hetal Puniwala
Rati Pandey Bio Data
Rati Pandey
Amit Dolawat Bio Data
Amit Dolawat
Aleena Lambe Bio Data
Aleena Lambe
Crew Members: -
Producers -B. P. Singh
Mukta Dhond

Drishti Divya Serial Pictures: –

Divya Drishti Cast Name, Actors, Actresses, Characters, Crew Members


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