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Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name, Real Life, Images, Story Line Up, Timing, Genre, Wiki and More

Crime Patrol Dastak an Indian Crime Television show inspired by reality. This is the split phase version of Crime Patrol Series. It is created by Subramanian S. Iyer in 2011. Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name Actors are Sanjeev Tyagi, Manish Sharma, Mangesh Desai, Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar, Mitali Pandey, Saksham Omkar Verma, K C Shankar, Preetyka Chauhan, Priyasi Chauhan, Abhishek Koundinya, Rana Yashodhan Singh, Shantanu Monga, Geet Sharma, Snehal Kadam, Aarav Gupta, Suman Patel, Manmohan Tiwari, Gayatri Soham, Kavita joshi, Falguni Rajani, Deepali Saini, Mahi Maheshwari Shrashti and More. Recent episodes of Crime Patrol Dastak are getting directed by Sunil, Vijay Shukla, Shobhit Singh, Ritika Mertia, Santosh Singh, Vipin, Manish, Chhotu Ji, Akhilesh, Rizwan, Abhishek Tiwari and More. Location for shoot is revolving around Mumbai. The main intention behind its creation is to spread awareness in the society along with tagline, “Mission Batana Nahi Bachana Hai”.

Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name, Real Life, Images, Story Line Up, Timing, Genre, Wiki

 Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name Series Earlier Information: –

Show is Created, Developed and Directed by Subramanian S. Iyer for Sony Entertainment Television India in 2011. In the Development of Crime Patrol, Neeraj Naik was also played the crucial part. Its first season was presented by Diwakar Pundir, Shakti Anand, Anup Soni. On its second season Sakshi Tanwar, Anup Soni played as a host. While in the third and fourth season of Crime Patrol, Anup Soni got the responsibility to represent the show. As we know that Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name Show is the India’s Number 1 Television Crime Show inspired by Reality. The important role behind its success is Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name actors and its whole team efforts. Nowadays show is getting hosted by senior investigating officer like Sanjeev Tyagi, Mangesh Desai, Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar, K C Shankar, etc.

Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name star is of high grade appointed or casted to play different role of it. Out of which many of them leaves us speechless with their outstanding role play. So it is our responsibility to know their real name, know more about real life and encourage them on social media to boost their energy. All these star from the different regions of India.

So here we are presenting the list of Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name.

Crime Patrol Dastak Cast Real Name, Images, Wiki, Plot, Episodes: –

Crime Patrol
Dastak Cast
Sanjeev Tyagi Biodata

Sanjeev Tyagi
Manish R Sharma Biodata
Manish R Sharma
Mitali Pandey Biodata
Mitali Pandey
Mangesh Desai Biodata
Mangesh Desai
Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar Biodata
Chinmay Deepak
Saksham Omkar Verma Biodata
Saksham Omkar
Kavita Joshi Biodata
Kavita Joshi
Rana Yashodhan Singh Biodata
Rana Yashodhan
K C Shankar Biodata
K C Shankar
Geet Sharma Biodata
Geet Sharma
Manmohan Tiwari Biodata
Preetyka Chauhan Biodata
Abhishek Koundinya Biodata
Suman Patel Biodata
Suman Patel
priyasi chauhan Biodata
Priyasi Chauhan
Aarav Gupta Biodata
Aarav Gupta
Shantanu Monga
Shantanu Monga
Gayatri Soham Biodata
Gayatri Soham
Falguni Rajani Biodata
Falguni Rajani
Deepali Saini Biodata
Deepali Saini
Mahi Maheshwari Shrashti Biodata
Mahi Maheshwari
Snehal Kadam Biodata
Snehal Kadam

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