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Crime Alert Star Cast Real Name, Dangal TV Serial, Crew Members, Story Plot, Genre, Wiki, Timing, Start, Pictures, Images and More

Crime Alert Star Cast Name, Crew, Dangal TV, Genre, Wiki, Start, Timing and Premier: –

It is an Indian Crime, thriller, suspense television show. It is created for the Dangal TV Channel. Crime Alert Star Cast Real Name actors are Girish Jain, Pinky Singh, Guru Dutt, Jahanvi Upadhyay, Aaghnya Bisht, Sneha Bhawsar, Nriti Vaid, Vaishali Gupta, Mitali Pandey, Amit Kumar Poddar, Kamaal Malik, Shruti Kanwar, Armaann Tahil, Akansha Sareen and More. It was started from 23rd April 2012 on Life Ok channel. After few years the Crime Alert TV series was telecasted on Dangal TV channel at 10:30 p.m. every Monday to Friday. It is produced under the production banner of Rowdy Rascals, Keylight Production, Jagannath Entertainment and more. Show is also available on online web media platform of Dangal TV is Dangal YouTube Channel. Its total running time is 45 minutes approximately.

Crime Alert Star Cast Real Name, Dangal TV Serial, Crew Members, Story Plot, Genre, Wiki, Timing, Start, Pictures, Images and More

Shows production and shooting location is in Mumbai, Maharashtra and revolves around Mumbai for its village shoots. Its main prominent and dominant characters are changes as per the episode. Shows main host is Girish Jain. Earlier, Crime Alert show was hosted by few others stars.

Crime Alert Cast Name Stars, Actors, Actresses, Crew Members, Dangal TV Show
Image Source: – Girish Jain Instagrammed

Story Plot of Crime Alert Star Cast Real Name Show: –

Its few stories are a part of fiction work and several are inspired by real life crime incidences that happened in India. But they always twisted the story in different manner. So that we are feel that their story are the part of fiction work. Shows stories are on extra marital affairs, child trafficking, flesh trade, murders and many societal issues that lead to crime, etc. Crime Alert shows story is narrated by the host Girish Jain. Also covers the facts, reasons and options to beware of crimes. The series is directed by Vijay K Saini, Rahul Khandekar and many others.

Additional Details of Crime Alert Show: –

Show Name: – Crime Alert

Timing: – 10:30 – 11:00 PM

Days: – Monday to Friday

Production: – Rowdy Rascals, Keylight Production and More

Producer: –

Channel: – Dangal TV

Online: – Dangal TV YouTube Channel

So here we are presenting the star cast name of crime alert.

Crime Alert Star Cast Real Name Dangal TV, Crew, Images and More: –

Crime Alert
Star Cast Name
Pinky Singh Bio Data
Pinky Singh
Girish Jain Bio Data
Girish Jain - Host
Guru Dutt Bio Data
Guru Dutt
Jahanvi Upadhyay Bio Data
Jahanvi Upadhyay
Aaghnya Bisht Bio Data
Aaghnya Bisht
Sneha Bhawsar Bio Data
Sneha Bhawsar
Nriti Vaid Bio Data
Nriti Vaid
Vaishali Gupta Bio Data
Vaishali Gupta
Mitali Pandey Bio Data
Mitali Pandey
Mann Kapoor Bio Data
Mann Kapoor
Oceen Ovya Bio Data
Oceen Ovya
Amit Kumar Poddar Bio Data
Amit Kumar
Kamaal Malik Bio Data
Kamaal Malik
Shruti Kanwar Bio Data
Shruti Kanwar
Sonica Handa Bio Data
Sonica Handa
Akansha Sareen Bio Data
Akansha Sareen
Preeti Shukla Bio Data
Preeti Shukla
twinky jain Bio Data
Twinky Jain
Khushi Dubey Bio Data
Khushi Dubey
Bhanu Prakash Bio Data
Bhanu Prakash
Aman Singh Hora Bio Data
Aman Singh
Priya Mehrotra Bio Data
Priya Mehrotra
Jhanvi Shah Bio Data
Jhanvi Shah
nivya chemburkar Bio Data
Nivya Chemburkar
Ashwani Rathore Bio Data
Ashwani Rathore
Crew: -
Director - Vijay K Saini
Rahul Khandekar

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