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CID Cast Name List 2 | CID Cast Name with Photo | CID Star Cast Name

CID Cast Name List 2:-

Show is created by B. P. Singh. It is produced by B. P. Singh and Pradeep Uppoor under the banner of Firework Production. CID Cast Name List 2 stars are Rohit Tailor, Resha Konkar, Gazal Saini, Garima Goel, Gauri Singh, Prernaa Bhat, Riyanka Chanda, Mandar Jadhav, Avnish Chaudhary, Anjana Jayesh Nathan, Urvashi S Sharma, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Saurabh Agarwal, Rushad Rana, Naveen Saini, Nagesh Bhosle, Shivaji Satam, Aditya Shrivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis, Narendra Gupta, Ansha Sayed, Ajay Nagrath, Shraddha Musale and more. Cid is an Indian Action, suspense, Thriller, crime fiction, Television serial based on Crime Investigation. First episode of CID Cast Name List 2 Actors show was broadcast on 21st January 1998 on Sony TV.

CID Cast Name List 2 - CID All Star Cast

CID Cast Name List Show Story Plot:-

CID stands for Crime Investigation Department. They solves the criminal cases with help of their intelligence, technology and forensic. CID cast name list show protagonists are ACP Pradyuman, Insp. Daya, Insp. Abhijeet, Freddy, Sub Insp. Purvi, Pankaj, Dr. Salunke, Dr. Tarika equally plays the part for solving cases. Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika are the forensic experts to helps CID team for solving high profile cases. Creative Director of the show is Christabelle D’souza.

CID Cast Name List Brief Info:-

CID show original Network for its broadcasting is Sony Entertainment Television. It is also telecast on its free version channel Sony Pal. All CID Cast Name List stars were put their hard work, dedication to achieve the milestone form decade. Prime location for shooting is revolving around Mumbai, Maharashtra. CID shot all over India on various specific locations for special case. In past cases CID went to foreign like Paris, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Interlaken, Berne and Zurich. Shivaji Satam plays the role of ACP Pradyuman. Aditya Shrivastav plays the role of Senior Inspector Abhijeet. Dayanand Shetty plays the role of Senior Inspector Daya. Dinesh Phadnis plays the role of Inspector Fredrick. Narendra Gupta plays the role of Dr. Salunkhe. These are the top 5 characters of CID cast name list actors who long lasted for more than decade.

CID Cast Name List Stars Role Play:-

  • Shivaji Satam Plays ACP Pradyuman (1997 –Present)
  • Dayanand Shetty Plays Senior Inspector Daya (1997 – Present)
  • Aditya Shrivastav Plays Senior Inspector Abhijeet (1998 -Present)
  • Dinesh Phadnis Plays Inspector Freddricks (1998 –Present)
  • Ansha Sayed Plays Sub Inspector Purvi (2011 –Present)
  • Ajay Nagrath Plays Sub Inspector Pankaj (2012 –Present)
  • Narendra Gupta Plays Dr. Salunke (1998 – 2003, 2007 –Present)
  • Shraddha Musale Plays Dr. Tarika (2007 –Present)
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So here we are presenting CID Cast Name List.

CID Cast Name List 2:- All Image Source – FACEBOOK

cid cast name with photo - Shivaji Satam

1. Shivaji Satam Act as an ACP Pradyuman

CID Star Cast Name - Dayanand Shetty

2. Dayanand Shetty Act as a Senior Inspector Daya

CID Cast Name - Aditya Shrivastav

3. Aditya Shrivastava Act As a Senior Inspector Abhijeet

CID All Star Cast - Dinesh Phadnis

4. Dinesh Phadnis Act as an Inspector Freddy (Fredrick)

CID Purvi Real Name - Ansha Sayed

5. Ansha Sayed Act as a Sub Inspector Purvi

CID Actor Real Life - Ajay Nagrath

6. Ajay Nagrath Act as a Sub Inspector Pankaj

CID Actors Real Life - Narendra Gupta

7. Narendra Gupta Act as a Senior Forensic Expert Dr. Salunke

CID Actors in Real Life -Shraddha Musale

8. Shraddha Musale Act as a Assistant Forensic Expert Dr. Tarika

CID Cast Star - Gazal Saini

Gazal Saini

CID Star Cast - Resha Konkar

Resha Konkar

CID Cast Name - Prernaa Bhat

Prernaa Bhat

CID Cast Name List - Garima Goel

Garima Goel

cid cast - Urvashi S Sharma

Urvashi S Sharma

Anjana Jayesh Nathan

Anjana Jayesh Nathan

CID Star - Riyanka Chanda

Riyanka Chanda

Rohit Tailor

Rohit Tailor

Mandar Jadhav

Mandar Jadhav

CID Star Cast Real Name - Manish Khanna

Manish Khanna

Cid Cast Name - Rushad Rana

Rushad Rana

CID Cast Name - Rajeev Bhardwaj

Rajeev Bhardwaj

CID Stars Name - Avnish Chaudhary

Avnish Chaudhary

CID Male Actors Name - Saurabh Agarwal

Saurabh Agarwal

Nagesh Bhosle

Nagesh Bhosle

CID Actors Name - Harsh Vasishtha

Harsh Vasishtha

CID Actors Female - Gauri Singh

Gauri Singh

CID Star Cast Name - Naveen Saini

Naveen Saini

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